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Gasket Engineering Company



  • GasketsRotary and flat die cutting of nonmetallic raw materials such as plastics, cork-rubber, sponge, rubber, felt RFI/EMI shielding stock, 3M tapes and adhesives, and Rogers Poron foams, Interface Solutions, Nitto, Tetko, Mactax, Dupont, NVF, Polycarbon.
  • Secondary capabilities ranging from laminating, slitting, skiving, silicon beading, coating, assembly, packaging, kitting, and other value added services.CAPACITY

In-house building of steel-rule and Class A steel dies.

Prototype department with three to five day delivery.

ISO 9002:1994

Gasket Engineering proudly displays its ISO 9002 Certification with demonstrated commitment to its customers and quality assurance principles. Gasket Engineering received ISO 9001:2000 on December 18, 2002.




Rubber Industries
  • Prototype through large volume production capabilities.

  • Complete in-house custom compound formulating and mixing.

  • Injection, transfer, and compression molding capabilities.

  • Rubber to metal and plastic bonding.

  • In-house mold design and building capabilities.

  • Engineering assistance for product design and development.




Tonnard Manufacturing

  • Short/long-run metal stampings and metal fabrication assemblies, 100+ punch presses from 10 to 440 tons, capable of producing parts .015" to 1/2" in thickness to a maximum blank diameter of 36 inches.
  • CNC laser cutting technology, drilling, tapping, welding and assembly.

  • Low cost in-house tooling with Wire EDM capabilities.

Twist, Inc.
Wire forms (compression, extension torsion springs), stampings, fabricated sheet metal, fourslide products, assemblies, plating, power coat, C-Coat for the medical, instrumentation, automotive and other industries.


Twist Incorporated is a full metal fabricator of precision metal products with in-house finishing capabilities. Our diversification affords us the facilities and capability to produce Compression, Extension, and Torsion Springs, Fourslide Products, Wire Forms, Snap Rings, Short-Run and Production Stampings, Fabricated Sheet Metal Components and Assemblies. Having internal Plating, Painting and E-Coating capability, we can control the product flow and outgoing quality levels that are extremely vital in today's global market place. Each plant is dedicated to it's own specific product to keep focus on specific manufacturing techniques necessary to satisfy the customers needs




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